Custom Designed

Folded Bronze Ginkgo

  • Price: $2,200
  • Dimensions: 12" x 9.5" x 2.5"
  • Construction: 2007. Folded plate bronze.
  • Description:

    Several years after completing "Bonsial Gingko Tree", I still had the bronze sheets with the cut out shapes of the leaves, waiting for that moment of inspiration.

    Concurrent with the series of folded steel totemic sculptures (Gateway, Isis etc), I re-visited the bronze sheets with the idea that I would begin folding them also. The resulting composite sculptures did not immediately speak of gingko leaves, but on closer inspection, their shapes slowly and subtly begin to manifest.

    The making of the tree had a distinct developmental history of which the positive cut leaves were only one part, the other being the negative space that remained of their shapes in the sheet material. By folding and forming the remnant sheets in this fashion created layers of interest, reminding me of the significance of tree rings or geologic strata—history compressed.