Custom Designed


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  • Dimensions: 264" x 29" x 7"
  • Construction: 2007. Forged steel with rust patina and bronze cap rail.
  • Description:

    I wanted this railing to not only be a strong and captivating visual statement, but simultaneously contra and complimentary to the straight lines of the architecture.

    The lush organic surroundings spoke to me of creating something that appeared to have wandered straight out of the garden and organized itself into a natural visual funnel that drew the viewer into the clients home.

    The bulk of the floral shapes were first sketched out on paper, then scanned and transferred into CAD, scaled and refined before being sent out for water-jet cutting. Cut from an assortment of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" plate steel, the component parts were then forged and shaped to add 3 dimensional form and character. Additionally, some elements in the composition were direct improvisational forgings from regular bar stock.

    Arrangement of the forged parts was again an improvised endeavor, trying to create a lyrical, harmonious and natural flow to the piece.