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Smith Vestibule Gates

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  • Dimensions: 144" x 108" x 3"
  • Construction: 2005. Forged steel.
  • Description:

    The making of these gates took 1200 hours and were the first of many projects for this particular residence where every detail was thoughtfully considered. The fabrication of dies and forming jigs that created each of the distinct elements within the framework of the gates, consumed a substantial amount of time. The different types of joinery and methods of fitting used were not only preferable from an engineering perspective but, aesthetically considered—for example, each horizontal bar was milled and slotted to very tight tolerances to receive its vertical counterpart.

    Hinging was another critical component of these large and heavy gates and at the time of installation, it was a tense moment to see if all the work that went into the layout and engineering would pay off. Thankfully it proved to be a seamless operation and the gates functioned perfectly, much to the satisfaction of all concerned.